“Electronic logbook” soon to be mandatory: Truckers here are ready

It’s a revolution, it’s been around for years. »exclaimed Paul Boucher, Training Manager at Transport RDL.

This electronic tablet is already making life easier for other truck drivers elsewhere in Canada and the United States. Some of the region have also adopted it for two years, as for the team of Transport RDL. In particular, this makes it possible to prevent fatigue at the wheel, give more supervision to the drivers and get a detailed report of the day, all without difficulty.

It prevents errors, it cannot be cheating, it is real, everything is consistent at the level of the electronic tablet. Drivers no longer need to do paperwork. says Yvan Dupuis, Logistics and Compliance Director at Transport RDL.

This new technology will be mandatory in all trucks in Quebec starting April 30.

A truck driver can drive 13 hours in a day. This electronic logging device makes it possible to send messages to the sender if, for example, there is a sudden stop or an unusual shock.

If we have a major accident, the system will say, OK, he’s on duty, he’s not driving anymore. »explained Paul Boucher.

The clerks had to call the driver before then, how many hours do you have approx. We click on the pitons and we have the number of hours it took a person to calculate the remaining hours. »commented Yvan Dupuis.

It’s number 1. I like it. How I would tell you, we follow our hours, the company can no longer force us, we follow it and then we go to bed. It is wonderful.»

However, some are reluctant.

I don’t think it’s a good system, it’s not safe. I’ve been at this for 50 years. It’s the same now. We may be in control, he is in control. another trucker suggested.

Quebec is the latest province to make it mandatory to improve road safety.

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