Electric scooters: 38% of users without insurance, but compulsory

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Did you know ? Electric scooters require liability insurance, although many users have not signed up for any protection.

Riding an electric scooter requires insurance, a fact many are unaware of; our colleagues from Parisian reveal that an October 2020 survey conducted by France Assureurs and the Professional Federation of Micromobility (FPMM) identified 38% of users without specific liability insurance. The real figure may also be even higher, even though this insurance is compulsory.

Increased accident insurance

The number of people traveling by scooter is estimated at 3 million regular users in French cities, limited to 25 km/h for electric scooters. And the number of accidents since 2019 has multiplied, with an increase of 186%. However, these are probably not covered by your usual insurance.

In fact, drivers use a vehicle that is considered a “personal motorized transport device” (EDPM), similar to a scooter or a car. Scooters must therefore, like these vehicles, be insured by a third party, and are generally excluded from multi-risk home insurance.

It is therefore necessary to take out statutory liability insurance which covers damage caused to others. In his absence, the fine can go up to 3750 euros. The policies start at 3 euros per month, but the price rises to 10 euros for the personal injury guarantee. In the case of self-service electric scooters, civil liability is generally covered by the operator, but a check can avoid all risks.

There are also more and more life accident policies covering electric scooter riders; it is therefore best to find out about the different coverages available and then choose insurance if you are not protected to avoid a large fine.

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