Easter: Who stole Schmoutzi, giant rabbit, star of the Colmar market?

Schmoutzi, a giant rabbit from Flanders weighing 8 kg, mascot of the Easter market in Colmar, disappeared overnight from Friday to Saturday. The mayor of the city, Éric Straumann, announced the filing of a complaint.

“Schmoutzi (“little kiss” in Alsatian, editor’s note) was stolen last night, despite the presence of a guard,” lamented the mayor on his Facebook page. “Complaint will be filed to allow the viewing of surveillance videos. I am interested in any information allowing to find the mammal”.

Photo in support, the mayor of Colmar, Éric Straumann, warned that a “new specimen” was made available by a breeder on the market, “for the pleasure of young and old”, but Internet users did not not fail to notice that he had “not really the same size”.

The breeder of the missing animal is worried about its health. “Even if he doesn’t end up in the pan, he is very likely not to survive more than a few days. If the thief or thieves want to take care of it, they will think that carrots, for example, will please him, he will eat them but it will kill him,” he told the regional daily Alsace.

“A specific diet is needed, with alfalfa pellets, corn, wheat, soybeans and a light water intake,” he said.

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