Drugs, alcohol, without license and insurance, Vannetais had caused an accident – Vannes

Judicial appointments follow each other for this 22-year-old Vannetais. On Friday, he was sentenced to three years in prison for assaulting a motorist who had just hitchhiked with a cutter. In a few days’ time, still in the same room, but this time before the Court of Assizes, he will answer to the charge of beating which led to the death of a young person in Questembert. On Wednesday, in front of the Criminal Chamber, he was tried for a traffic accident that caused serious injuries to a minor, a passenger in the vehicle who left the road alone.

False statement to the police

It was July 3, 2021, around 05:00 in Saint-Allouestre when the gendarmes intervened. This Vannetais had told them that he was a passenger and that the driver had fled on foot. But the investigation and the statements of the injured passenger had quickly established that it was actually this Vannetais who was driving. He had driven after using euphoric drugs, with a blood alcohol level of 1.96 g/l, he had never had a driver’s license or insurance and had not submitted his car, bought a few days earlier, for a technical inspection.

In court, the defendant explained: “I was blinded by a car that arrived with full headlights in the opposite direction. I made this false statement to the gendarmes because I was afraid. I was registered to pass the permit. I had picked up my underage girlfriend to spend an evening in Moréac, where we drank vodka and smoked weed. I thought I would sleep there, but I decided to take my girlfriend back to her parents, who had forbidden her to go out that night.

His lawyer speaks of “immaturity. It started when he went to look for this young girl, when he was forbidden to see her. Today he is aware of the gravity of the facts”.

“Disgusting behavior”

The defender of the young victim and his parents speak of “an abominable behavior in transferring his responsibility to this young girl whom he had to accompany. She suffered from head trauma and broken legs, and she was in a wheelchair for several months. »

For the prosecutor, the investigation showed that the defendant actually traveled four times in the evening between Moréac and the home of his passenger friend, putting her off each time. It wasn’t him who misadjusted his speed on the wet road in a dangerous corner. He prefers to place the blame on others, even if he lies that he was not driving

While an 18-month prison sentence was called for, the court sentenced the culprit to a one-year suspended sentence with a one-year driving ban and his car was confiscated.

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