Dodgers ready to make bold changes to get Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge is set to enter free agency, and the Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly interested in the Yankees slugger and are willing to make a bold move to secure a deal.

On the night between Sunday and Monday, it was M. 62 home runs that ended the New York Yankees season, and Aaron Judge had returned the ball to the pitcher to give the Houston Astros the opportunity to win the ALCS. And now comes an offseason where Judge will be the biggest talk – as he has been in the second half of the regular season – when he arrives in free agency.

The Yankees are expected to push for him again, and it has long been suspected that his hometown team, the San Francisco Giants, as well as the Mets, Cubs and many others will be involved. And now another player would be ready to enter the dance, one that should surprise no one: the Los Angeles Dodgers.

According to’s Mark Feinsand, the Dodgers could be “serious players” in the Aaron Judge market this season. But while it may come as no surprise to some fans that a team seemingly churning out one superstar after another would sue Judge in free agency, there is an interesting note attached to a potential LA push. for Judge, which involves a star already on the roster: Mookie Betts.

Dodgers Rumors: The Dodgers are interested in Aaron Judge and could move Mookie Betts to 2B to make it happen.

In addition to reporting interest in Judge, Feinsand said the Dodgers would also be open to talking to Betts about a possible move to second base so Judge could take over in right field if he comes to Los Angeles.

Betts played second base as a prospect, but spent most of his MLB career with the Red Sox and Dodgers playing right field. So it remains to be seen if the superstar outfielder would be willing to change that title to superstar outfielder to make room for another big name in the City of Angels.

At the same time, there could be alternative solutions, such as moving Betts to the middle of the field instead of Cody Bellinger, who often struggles. There may also be a rotation involving the DH spot now in place for the National League.

Anyway, it’s all conjecture at this point. The Dodgers are just another top team that will chase Aaron Judge in free agency, but we have no way of knowing at this point in the franchise who will actually win the sweepstakes for the new AL King. home run.

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