Discover the 3 solutions for cheap car insurance

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Your vehicle and the costs it generates are the second expense after your home. All of these costs have a significant impact on your monthly budget. To relieve you of sometimes exorbitant costs, we offer 3 golden rules that will allow you to pay less for your car insurance. You will be able to save on your daily expenses and give yourself the opportunity to use the saved money for other needs or wishes.

Rule number 1 is to favor third-party insurance over all-risk insurance. This formula is the most basic available from insurance companies, so it allows you to have a good car insurance rate. French law requires third party insurance, at least to be allowed to drive on public roads, this is often the entry point for vehicle insurance.

This option of insurance is very interesting, especially if you own a vehicle that does not have a high value. This choice is economical, but may turn out to be a bad idea if you are faced with a disaster and you are responsible for it. You will then be faced with major repairs, which often entail large costs. You will then find yourself in a difficult situation where you have to pay a loan for a damaged car and have to acquire a new vehicle.

All insurance policies are different and offer a range of benefits to their policyholders. Each insurance company makes its own calculations to present you with the offers that match your criteria. The various criteria that can be taken into account include, for example: age, bonus/penalty, model and effect on the car, residence.

It is important to take stock on an ongoing basis and compare the offers from the various insurance companies to see which offer best suits your needs. Since the implementation of the Hamon law, it is now much easier to change insurance companies, and this from the first anniversary of your contract. Many comparators allow you to obtain quotes from many insurance companies in a few moments. Then you simply need to compare and renegotiate your insurance with your current insurance company. You can also switch insurance companies and go to an insurance company that best suits your needs and meets your financial criteria.

The motorization of your vehicle is very important in calculating the size of your car insurance. If you want to pay less for your insurance, you should prefer small shifts. Forget big sedans or sports cars, the more powerful your car, the more you pay for your insurance. This rule is all the more true if you are a young driver. If you want to save money, choose a small car, a small engine that is easy to insure and will be cheaper. As a young driver, you will have a much harder time finding affordable rates if you have a large engine. It is also possible that you will be confronted with a refusal of insurance.

With these three rules, you can save money easily and with little effort. Do not hesitate to contact many insurance companies and form your own opinion on the matter. If you find yourself other tips to pay less for your car insurance, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments of this article.

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