Direct Assurance draws up an assessment of the use of the reuse part

Subsidiary of the AXA group, the French leader in direct automobile insurance, Direct Assurance draws up a balance sheet several years after its mandatory implementation of the use of reused parts in the country.

At a time when the cost of repairs continues to grow, the repair of certain claims by using recycled parts has the advantage of being both economical and ecological. Their price is lower than that of a new part and their use therefore makes it possible to reduce the cost of car repairs and even sometimes to save vehicles which otherwise would have been considered economically irreparable (IEV). Their use also contributes to limiting the impact of the automobile on the environment. Opting for a reused part (PRE) means avoiding manufacturing a new one with the raw materials and energy that this requires. This also makes it possible to limit waste and support the local economic fabric since these parts come from end-of-life vehicle (ELV) processing centers, which are difficult to relocate.

However, a survey conducted for Direct Assurance by Viavoice shows that the motorists questioned who have never used this type of part are 60% to declare that it is because they have never been offered it. Among those who say they have used it (33%), it is above all the economic issue that dominates since 56% have made this choice to preserve their purchasing power, and 33% have used it for ecological reasons.

At the same time, several preconceived ideas about ERPs die hard. Ideas for which the insurer wanted to give the following justified answers:

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