Died in a road accident, his family wants insurance

This is the story of a traffic accident, just like there are dozens every day in France. A pedestrian fell onto the street. Sadly mundane, except this time the aftermath is dramatic. On 5 February 2020 in Pérenchies, a small town near Lille. Jean-Jacques Gourvez, a 53-year-old Breton living in the north, is mowed down by a motorist in a pedestrian crossing. He was the victim of severe head trauma and spent several months in a coma. When he wakes up, he is in a state of minimal consciousness, close to vegetative. He only communicates by applying pressure with his hands. In March 2021, his family, partially settled in Brest, decided to send him back to the Kerpape rehabilitation center in Ploemeur (56). He died there on 21 August.

Jean-Jacques Gourvez died on August 21, two and a half years after being knocked down, in 2020, following a traffic accident. (Gourvez family photo)

A very expensive nursing home

Today, his relatives are crying in anger. According to them, Jean-Jacques Gourvez could and should have lived longer. They especially want the driver’s insurance. “She did everything to let things drag on in the hope that we would give up. It’s a scandal,” condemns Nadine Le Gall, one of Jean-Jacques’ sisters. At the time, the state of health of the native of Brest, co-head of a hearing aid company at the time of his accident, apparently unsure. However, the medical profession recommends an exit from the hospital environment and placement at home, in a nursing home. Estimated costs: between two and three million euros. The family confirms that the insurance opposed this solution for financial reasons. Carrefour Assurance categorically rejects. “We always rely on the advice of medical experts and moreover we have no power to intervene in this decision.”

“At the moment, the insurance companies are in a strong position. We must ensure that victims regain control. »

The family lawyer, Me Antoine Régley, specializes in traffic law. He is used to these files and points to a real “lack of humanity” in the insurance and even a desire to slow down the procedures. “It took nine months to bring in an expert who took nine months to submit his report.” Here too, Carrefour Assurance defends itself, claiming to have “respected all the obligations incumbent upon it under the Badinter Law, which regulates compensation for bodily injury caused in connection with a traffic accident involving a vehicle”.

For those close to Jean-Jacques, Nadine and Françoise, his two sisters, as well as Jacqueline, their mother, the length of the procedures is unacceptable. When he was in Kerpape, he multiplied the lung infections and ended up succumbing to them. Twenty-eight months after the accident.

Insurance in a position of strength

“The strategy of the slowness of the insurance, we know it”, says Me Régley, who calls for an improvement of the Badinter law. “At the moment, the insurance companies are in a strong position. We must ensure that victims regain control. »

The relatives of Jean-Jacques Gourvez, they come out of these two and a half year proceedings very marked. “We were treated like greedy people. It adds pain,” says Nadine. His brother should have celebrated his 56th birthday on Thursday. Instead, the family is in Lille, this Friday, October 14, for the trial against the driver at the cause of the accident .The hearing was scheduled for May last year and the hearing has already been postponed once, again due to the death of Jean-Jacques.

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