design and production, the reassuring news from Elon Musk

During an interview, Elon Musk confirmed that the final design of Tesla’s Cybertruck had just been validated. The billionaire took the opportunity to announce a new production start date: mid-2023.

Tesla’s Cybertruck is long overdue for several years now. It was originally supposed to be produced in 2021, but it has been pushed back numerous times. The American company took advantage of this delay to refine the exterior and interior design on several occasions, in particular so that it could circulate legally on American roads. For Europe, we may have the right to a slightly different version, even if for the moment, Tesla has stopped sales of the Cybertruck on the Old Continent.

According to the boss of Tesla, interviewed by the Tesla Owners Club of Silicon Valey, the Cybertruck would be almost ready for mass production. The businessman indeed specified that the final design was finally validated, after many changes. Too many moreover if we are to believe Elon Musk.

Not before mid-2023

Since the design is now validated, the American manufacturer can finally actively prepare the production of the Cybertruck. The boss of Tesla took the opportunity to announce a new date. Tesla’s pickup is expected to be produced from mid-2023. A date to be taken with tweezers, as the promises and announcements of Elon Musk reflect more the will of the businessman than the restrictive reality of production.

To achieve mass production of the Cybertruck, Tesla needs production capacity, but that’s not a problem. The thorniest subject for the American manufacturer is to succeed in producing enough battery cells (the famous 4680 also produced by Panasonic) to keep pace with the assembly lines. The Cybertruck should indeed be quite greedy in cells, with battery capacities which should be around 100 kWh.

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