Delphine Wespiser very angry with this TPMP guest “it’s illegal because it’s a cruel act”! – Tuxedo board

When it comes to talking about animal topics, Delphine Wespiser is always ready to raise her hand. She tackled a matador

Delphine Wespiser hates violence against animals. She does not hesitate to attack anyone who harms them. So when she comes face to face with a matador, she says out loud what the others are thinking quietly!

Delphine Wespiser defends the animal case

Cyril Hanouna has decided to remove TPMP to submit more best-ofs from the show. This is perfect to avoid declining audiences due to the World Cup. Among the shocking moments of TPMP we undoubtedly find those with the animals. These topics have the gift of making columnists like Delphine Wespiser react. We remember his quarrel against Pierre Cadéac, who was seen kicking the head of an eagle. Several journalists such as Hugo Clément had therefore condemned him.

It’s too much for Delphine Wespiser, who immediately faced him on the TPMP set. The coach therefore justified himself as follows: “We did the filming, which was about three days round trip, and the owl didn’t eat… Eye for eye, beak for beak, I beat him (…) Social networks are the North Korean court, you can’t defend yourself , you end up with people attacking you when I finally do this for his good, it may seem paradoxical and I understand that it shocks people.”.

Last month, Cyril Hanouna and his team also talked about bullfighting. A subject that upsets Delphine Wespiser. She had difficulty keeping her composure in the face of matador Marc Serrano, who spoke of his passion for this Spanish tradition. We tell you more below.

A topic that irritates anti-bullfighting

Marc Serrano had therefore extolled the merit of his passion : “Bullfighting bulls fight each other, they kill each other. You understand the specificity of this breed. I saw bulls fight. An exhausted one. And also to step on his guts, which continued to fight to the death. Me when I go into the arena, I accept to die for the love of this animal because it deserves a dignified death. I am 40 years old, I had 8 horn blows, I have 3 cervical with prostheses”.

Before continuing: “I’m not hiding behind a gun, in a slaughterhouse or anything. So I do it in front of everyone. I accept to die of passion and of passion for this animal. Because it is an extraordinary animal that deserves a dignified death. And a dignified death for me is in front of 20,000 people, in the light and with a person who will risk his life like him” De enough to annoy Solveig Halloin, who had prayed for the bulls with a fake bloody hand.

But that’s not all! Delphine Wespiser also expressed her anger. She does not appreciate this traditionand intends to let it be known : “In 2022, we are so developed. We are developing absolutely on everything. So I find that these practices are from another time. I think it’s not an art. It’s not my culture. And you should know, that bullfighting is illegal because it is a cruel act. It is only allowed in bullfighting towns”.

It therefore calls for a definitive ban on this tradition which requires only sacrifices!

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