Dead Space 4: The developers are ready, but EA has not given its approval

Game news Dead Space 4: The developers are ready, but EA has not given its approval

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The remake of Dead Space is just available… After all, the developers of the game are already thinking about their future projects: a Dead Space 4 on the way?


  • A Dead Space 2 Remake or a Dead Space 4 on the program?
  • Get sales for Dead Space Remake

A Dead Space 2 Remake or a Dead Space 4 on the program?

For a few days now, lovers of horror games and more specifically of the Dead Space saga have finally been able to return to this particularly bloody space universe thanks to the arrival of the Dead Space Remake on all so-called “next-gen” platforms as well as on PC. Moreover, this renewal of Motive Studios, which received a warm welcome from the press and players – although we will return to this – seems to have given ideas to the team responsible for the project: they are already thinking about the following.

It is in fact in a recent interview conducted by GQ that Phil Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola, producer and artistic director respectively of this new Dead Space, talked about the future of the series.

That is a hope we have. There is an interest on my side and I am thinking on Roman’s side to further explore the Dead Space universe. And there are ideas, that’s for sure. This week we want to make sure the launch goes smoothly and there are as few technical issues as possible. We’ll go on vacation and then we’ll meet and have a discussion within EA to say, “Okay, so what?” Phil Ducharme, producer

What must be understood by this is that Motive Studios would already be ready to work on a new chapter in the saga – why not a Dead Space 2 Remake or even a real new project like a Dead Space 4 for example. The problem, however, is that EA has not given its approval yet, and given the latest news, this new project may fall through.

Get sales for Dead Space Remake

As we said earlier, this new version of Dead Space was entitled to a grand reception. The tests are mostly dithyrambic – on our side we scored a nice 17 out of 20 – and even better, players applaud the liberties this new object takes. But while all feedback is good, there is still one important piece of data to consider, sales… and on that side it is not joy.

The number of sales of Dead Space Remake in the UK territory has decreased and if the title is indeed placed in the first place on the podium, the end result is far from impressive. To give you an idea, the game did half as well as The Callisto Protocol, which, however, has not yet reached the desired numbers.

This low score can of course be explained by a wide range of elements. The price, in the first place, since the latter still rises to the height of 80., which is not nothing. Second, note that the horror production is exclusive to “next-gen” consoles and the PC, and finally, this is a remake of a title released on the seventh generation of the console, and not from a new experience. In other words, some players really wonder about the benefit of spending so much money to relive the exact or almost the same adventure, and so they prefer to wait for a price drop. However, it should be noted that these figures relate to only one area. Perhaps the game has marketed much more in, for example, France or the USA.

It remains to be seen whether this Dead Space remake has touched more worlds in other countries and whether or not EA would be ready to go one better with a new opus. Only the future will tell us.

Dead Space 4: The developers are ready, but EA has not given its approval

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