Cuxac-Cabardès: Seniors ready to cruise

Amicale des Aînés Cuxacois goes on a cruise from Sunday 23 to Sunday 30 October in the Mediterranean. Departure from Marseille and route to Siracusa, Taranto, Rome, Genoa and return to Marseille. President Henri Revel gathered this Saturday the participants of this cruise to explain the boarding process (IC, passport, European social security card). Cruise passengers will sail on Splendida, 333 meters long with 3,247 passengers and 1,370 crew members. “It is a human-sized building where you feel at home and pampered by attentive staff” he assured.

At the end of the meeting the members met at the estanquet of the chapel, at Caudebronde, where an excellent meal was served to them by the masters of the place. After the photo, the cruise passengers met on the 23rd to embark on an adventure on the waves.

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