(CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility in insurance

Today, citizens’ environmental concerns are naturally very present. On the other hand, the responsible dimension is slightly smaller, despite expectations of strong commitment from the companies. Insurance is no exception, although the projection exercise, like banking, is even more complicated than for other categories (transport, tourism and distribution)

In the insurance sector, CSR will be found at the HR level by trying to achieve a degree of satisfaction with the working conditions on the part of the employees.

As for sustainable development issues, the measures will be oriented towards reducing the carbon impact while promoting productivity in a different way.
It will be privileged as follows:
– Remote work
– The transition of company cars to hybrid or electric
– Less energy-consuming offices
– Promote recycling
– Tendency to 0 paper
– Fewer physical meetings and more video conferences
– Dice journey by train
– dematerialized claims processing
– A listening device for employees

For customers, the actions will result in several ways:

– Lower premiums for people who are committed to a sustainable approach: for example, lower insurance contributions for an electric car or environmentally responsible offices.
– A dematerialization of contracts with signatures of “Docusign”
– Stopping the printing of leaflets
– New series of insurance for companies as a result of sustainable development.
– The end of insurance coverage for the activities that consume the most carbon

Responsible marketing consists of promoting those products or services that are considered more ecological, more respectful of the planet and more in line with the current socio-eco-political context.. By analyzing the business environment, marketing departments must define marketing strategies in accordance with market expectations. But be careful not to implement responsible marketing without reinventing its offering. Too many companies play on “greenwashing” to seem “trendy” (see the article). Therefore, brands need to review their models.

In fact, a company today must align its actions with the strategic plan to achieve a true responsible commitment. The CSR policy no longer appears only in the middle or at the end of the chain, but right from R&D to product design. And especially upstream of the actions to be taken, from the reflection phase and in the design of the strategy.


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