Crop insurance, education: 2023 agriculture budget increases by 20%

The Ministry of Agriculture presented a budget proposal for 2023 with an increase of “20% compared to the previous budget”, endowed with 6 billion euros to finance in particular the new crop insurance system and agricultural education.

The 2023 Finance Bill envisages a budget of €5.987 billion, an increase of 20% compared to the 2022 Finance Bill “exclusive transfer of the “fishery” envelope to the State Secretariat for the Sea”, the government detailed during a press briefing on 26 September. This increase “is the sign of our commitment and our willingness to act for the benefit of our farmers and for our food sovereignty”, commented Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau on Twitter.

It is partly linked to the financing of the harvest insurance system against climate risks, which will be launched on 1 January next and will be infused by the state with 256 million euros in 2023. In addition, 120 million euros from the National Fund for Risk Management in Agriculture (FNGRA) and 184 million from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), bringing public support to 560 million next year, the ministry said.

The amount of 600 million euros, mentioned by Emmanuel Macron in September during a trip to Outarville (Loiret) with young farmers, will be reached at “horizon 2025” when the envelope “will increase from 256 million euros in 2023 to 296 million”, says the ministry. But whatever “the evolution of the rate of spread of insurance”whose purpose is to encourage more farmers to insure their crops, “this amount may be raised in the amended Finance Law for 2023 in accordance with the obligations of the President of the Republic”, he reported.

Among the other priorities, agricultural education will benefit from research from more than 2 billion euros. Of this amount, 1.6 billion will be allocated to the training of 136,000 students in technical education, with the aim of meeting the challenge of generational renewal.

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