Crisis obliges, 62% of the French are ready to go less to restaurants or hotels

CONNECTION – According to a study carried out by the company CHD Expert for the EquipHotel fair and revealed by Le Figaro, six out of ten French prefer to reduce the frequency rather than cancel their stay at the hotel or their meal at the restaurant. Experience and pleasure above all!

In 2020, due to the circumstances related to the Covid epidemic, the International Hotel and Catering Fair Equip’ Hotel was canceled at the last minute. Good news, this reference event for CHR decision makers (National collective agreement for hotels, cafes and restaurants, NDRL) which is held every two years in Paris will return in 2022, from 6 to 10 November at the Porte de Versailles. For five days, professionals will take the pulse of their sector of activity, catch the latest trends and learn about unmissable innovations through a rich program of around a hundred conferences and workshops to meet tomorrow’s economic and entrepreneurial challenges. For this new edition, with its 378 star restaurants, an ultra-active tourism sector and its famous designers, Italy will be the guest country.

At the request of EquipHotel, the company CHD Expert carried out a survey of the expectations of the French in hotels or restaurants. A sample of 10,000 people was requested via an online survey. Main result: in 2022, consumers want to pamper themselves, calls for service, well-being, the connected, the engaged, while closely following the prices, crisis obliges. So according to the study, 62% of hotel and restaurant customers are in favor of a reduction in the number of visits instead of questioning their stay or meal in the area they have chosen. Another observation: more than 9 out of 10 French people (93%) accept a price increase, if these are justified and explained. We consume less, but better.

Consequence: hoteliers and restaurateurs must show ideas and initiatives to create “customer satisfaction”. At the table, what is eaten and drunk covers only half of what a consumer expects from “experience”, discovery and satisfaction. The remaining 50% falls under flexibility in booking (for 41% of customers), renewal of the card (for 53%) or even one card card, which often guarantees fresh and seasonal products (for 35%). Added to this is the exchange, even complicity with the server: 39% of consumers are sensitive to the latter’s recommendations. And it’s not over: now 3 out of 5 French people photograph their dishes before forwarding them on social networks, Instagram in mind. Same scenario at the hotel, where the customer wants much more than a cozy bed. He expects a lot, especially from the wifi connection offered (for 55%), the quality of the reception and the staff (for 51%), the atmosphere and the decoration (for 36%).

Dedicated hospitality and outstanding sponsor

EquipHotel has chosen chef Christophe Hay to sponsor the 2022 edition of the show with the theme of “committed hospitality”. Fleur de Loire / Photo press

For all these reasons, the main theme of this 2022 edition will be “ committed hospitality “. Because terroirs, territories, “slow tech”, “slow living”, energy savings and soft mobility have become strong points for an establishment. The same applies to attractiveness, team spirit, inclusion and loyalty, all at the heart of the dynamism of a hotel or a restaurant.At the Porte de Versailles, more than a thousand French and foreign exhibitors and a host of experts will respond concretely and precisely to these expectations with a sponsor who is both a two-star chef and a hotel owner: Christopher Hay. ” We chose him because he is a chef committed to a human adventure, committed to a project, committed to nature, the environment, committed to promoting a region, committed to proximity and the ultra short circuit explains Béatrice Gravier, director of the EquipHotel fair and of the Hospitality & Food division at RX France.

Prologue in Montlivault and then Orléans, epilogue in the heart of Blois, it was by following the Loire bed that Christophe Hay found his new springboard: Fleur de Loire, in Blois. This hotel branded “Relais & Châteaux” with 44 rooms with two gastronomic tables – Amour Blanc and the restaurant Christophe Hay, was conceived and designed in an eco-responsible logic. For example, it has its own breeding of Wagyu cattle (72 animals), well fed and massaged to music, on the heights of Anger, but also a greenhouse for citrus fruits behind the hotel. And of course its plants, picked from a new 1.5 hectare kitchen garden, equipped with 2,000 m of greenhouses, ten minutes’ walk from the restaurant. Four people grow there in permaculture old, exotic or rare varieties, like the conservatory with asparagus, which refers to 50 varieties, but also many herbs and flowers. “We aim for autonomy all year round. In addition to the season, it is the harvest that dictates the menu: we think first of the garnish, then the protein served on the side. However, I do not go to the excess of vegetable diet, although I respect it. A sustainable approach that has undoubtedly seduced Michelin to the point of awarding the chef a green star for sustainable gastronomy from 2020. Global warming, water shortages, sustainable development, energy savings, waste control … these are all terms and words that are increasingly raising awareness among French travelers. And a final result of the CHD Expert survey testifies to this: 94% of them are aware of the impact that the restaurant or accommodation solution they choose can have. Among the youngest, 18-25-year-olds, it even has an impact on bookings for more than every other. Tomorrow’s customers.

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