Crevecoeur-le-Grand. The companion artists are ready for the second artistic meeting

The artistic meetings in Crèvecœur-le-Grand (Oise) depart for another edition. Credit: Les Compagnons artistes.

Two themes have been chosen for this new meeting: Escape from confinement and Nudity and sensuality in art. “These are two topics that are in the news” says Jean-Pierre Beillard, co-chairman of the collective Les Compagnons artistes, which organizes the event in collaboration with the municipality.

According to him, these two themes allowa broad interpretation» for the thirty exhibitors announced. “But that’s what we wanted to do“, he rejoices. To escape confinement,all international news can resonate through this theme“, pleads the city’s mayor, Aymeric Bourleau. As for the nude, Jean-Pierre Beillard immediately reassures: “It will not cause a scandal“. According to the president’s account, 15 artists will exhibit on this theme. “There is no vulgarity in what we have to show. But the nude often has no place in collective exhibitions.“Beyond the appearance, the artists in this theme see”liberation of mind and body. What is presented as “a big problem at the moment“.

A major event

With the 2021 edition deemed a success, the organizers are working on a bigger event. And for”enhance the presence a little“Artistic meetings in the city, they last from two to four days. In addition to exhibitions, workshops and artist demonstrations are planned.

Including a workshop on meditative art, which will take place on 21 October from 14:00 to 17:00. Jean-Pierre Beillard is the originator. He explains that it is about automatic drawing, i.e. the little figures that we sometimes draw when we are listening to something else. “When 20 or 30 people do it, it makes a beautiful mosaic«, he promises.

But the highlight of the exhibition will be the concert of Aline and Christophe, scheduled for Friday, October 21 from These former residents of Rochy-Condé return to the Oise to mix their music with the plastic works on display.

The city wants to immortalize these meetings

The mayor of Crèvecœur-le-Grand, Aymeric Bourleau, goes in the direction of the artist collective. “This event is part of the city’s desire to develop its cultural policy“, he explains. Furthermore, he also wants to see the Artistic Meetings grow. But for that municipal equipment must keep pace. gold”today the reception facilities for this type of event are overcrowded“, acknowledges the city council member. To limit the problem, the municipality has invested in around forty exhibition grids. Either an investmentfrom just under €3,500“, Total.

Artistic news resumes

Although the event is gaining momentum in the city, fewer artists are expected than last year. Pierre Mabire, the second president of the collective Les Compagnons artistes, justifies this figure with the current situation. Firstly “we have members who live far away now», explains the co-chairman. On the other hand “last year we came out of Covidadds Jean-Pierre Beillard. There was a need for visitors and artists to come out. This is not the case here. There are fewer artists because they have many desires“. “But we want the qualitysays Pierre Mabire.

Before the official start on October 20, the exhibitions will begin on Thursday, October 6. Works will be installed in the windows of several merchants in the city Admission to the free exhibition. Open daily from 10:00 to 18:00.

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