Covid: The virus would increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or stroke

According to a Danish study, you would be 3.5 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease if you were infected with Covid.

For several days, Europe has been confronted with a new wave of Covid-19 increasing the number of contaminations and hospitalizations. If the impact of the virus seems rightly considered, its long term effects remain largely underestimated.

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This is particularly indicated by a recent Danish study, studying the link between the Covid virus and the risk of being infected with neurodegenerative disorders.

According to the results, having been contaminated by the Covid would considerably increase your chances of suffering fromAlzheimer’sof ParkisonWhere stroke.

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Study details

The study is based on more than 900,000 Denmark, of which 43,375 tested positive for Coronavirus. And according to scientists, patients infected with the virus are at increased risk of suffering from several neurodegenerative diseases and disorders.

There would be a risk 3.5 times higher for Alzheimer’s disease, 2.6 times higher for Parkinson’s disease, 2.7 times higher stroke and 4.8 times higher for intracerebral hemorrhage.

Results to put into perspective

However, this increased risk is already present in respiratory diseases such as flu or the pneumonia. A priori, it would be equal to that caused by a Covid infection. Only the risk ofstroke would be 1.7 times higher.

#Covid Los patientes ambulatorios positivos en coronavirus tienen un mayor riesgo de padecer la fermedad de Alzheimer, Parkinson y el ictus isquémico

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