Cordesse Avocats: tailor-made and excellence

A multi-talented lawyer

HAS at a time when hyper specialization is the key word for young lawyers, Sabine Cordesse has chosen to multiply legal skills. It must be said that his career demonstrates his ability to master many areas.

It was after passing through the prestigious Henri IV high school that Maître Cordesse began her law studies. With a DEA in intellectual property and a DESS in taxation applied to companies, Sabine Cordesse then entered the CFPA in Paris. After having taken the oath, she worked in various firms which enabled her to take charge of files in criminal matters, intellectual property and civil liability. His skills have also allowed him to work in renowned firms such as Raffin & Associés or Lefèvre Pelletier & Associés. In 2003, Maître Cordesse felt the need to become independent. She then created her own law firm: Cordesse Avocats.

An activity at the heart of family and heritage law

The creation of her firm is an opportunity for her to direct her activity towards family law and heritage and intellectual property. Sabine Cordesse therefore intervenes in different areas, with, each time, the desire to ease the tensions between the parties.

Thus, in divorce cases, the interest of the child will take precedence over everything else. Trained in non-violent communication, Sabine Cordesse systematically tries to find amicable agreements between the parties. This approach is also essential in matters of succession, an area where affect often plays an important role. Moreover, Maître Cordesse always advises to prepare his succession upstream. “Preparing for death does not make you die”, but allows you to anticipate future problems and solve them.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to deal with cases amicably. So, when things are going badly, Sabine Cordesse is there to help her clients get through it. “I ask them to submit their problems to the firm, and to try to rebuild themselves,” explains Maître Cordesse, who is always 100% involved in his clients’ affairs and leaves nothing to chance. You have to be strategic, she says, and defend the interests of customers with pugnacity.

A firm registered in a network of professionals

Over the years, Sabine Cordesse has surrounded herself with the best professionals. Thus, it is able to meet all the needs of its customers. Notaries and tax experts allow him to calmly prepare successions or even creations, mergers, transfers of company shares.

For questions of social law, she can always count on her colleague: Anne Berard Quelin and for questions of tax law she relies on her colleague Lydia WIBRATTE. Maître Cordesse’s network also includes chartered accountants, bailiffs and colleagues working in the same premises.

Sabine Cordesse can therefore support her clients in France and abroad, by providing them with appropriate solutions. The Cordesse firm is the Haute Couture of Law. Moreover, its know-how and professionalism are known in the public arena. It must be said that Sabine Cordesse has been or is the lawyer of many personalities: Roland Giraud, François Louis Vuitton, Daniel Hechter, Maya Picasso or Evelyne Thomas. More recently Stéphane TAPIE as part of his father’s estate.

But the firm also supports anonymous clients because, for Sabine Cordesse, “All clients are treated the same way. There are no small or large customers.” When we talk to Sabine Cordesse, we feel that the lawyer lives and practices her profession with passion. In a field where rights and the law dominate, she manages to bring all the humanity that her clients need, without forgetting to be an efficient professional.

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