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Taking out ten-year insurance is an obligation to practice in the construction sector. It covers construction professionals against the many risks associated with the quality of the work and unpredictable damages. It deals with construction defects that appear within ten years of delivery of the plot. This insurance allows professionals to meet their responsibilities without affecting the financial health of their business. But most of them are not always there because of the guarantees to choose from or the procedure to find the best deal. To this end, I provide you with all the details you need to know about the ten-year insurance to make the best choice.

Find the best ten-year insurance with a broker

There are as many insurance companies as there are offers on the decade insurance market. It is therefore obvious that you are not there, especially if you are a beginner. As such, there are several options available to you to access the best deal for your business. Among them is the choice of one insurance broker is an advantageous option. Using this professional is one of the best ways to choose the right insurance. The latter is a professional in the field of insurance, which gives him some expertise. He is used to negotiating this type of contract with various insurance companies. He can therefore offer you several without difficulty.

Depending on your needs, the broker selects the best offers and looks after your interests. He will be able to explain to you in detail the guarantees contained in each offer. With it, you choose the options that best suit your activities and your budget. The broker plays the role of commercial, negotiator and adviser when the need arises. It is objective because it is necessary to carry out its mission, which is to find you the optimal ten-year insurance, better costs.

Another advantage of using a broker is that they support you throughout the duration of the contract. They advise you and can offer further analysis of the contract and guarantees over time. This will reduce the cost of your insurance if certain guarantees are no longer needed. Note, however, that for a good negotiation you must be accompanied by an experienced broker. This will greatly benefit you and save you money.

What should your ten-year insurance cover?

When the damage occurs to a building within a certain number of years (10 years), your liability, as, is in question. But when the cost of the damage amounts to thousands of euros, it is not obvious that you can cover it without suffering. Before the developer hands you a building site, the developer therefore first ensures that you are covered by ten years of insurance. This assures him that you can handle all the damages associated with the construction site for at least ten years. This coverage takes into account poor workmanship that will happen at the end or those noted at the beginning of the work.

These are works related to foundations and frames, viability, roads and equipment inseparable from the building. All damages related to sanitation, networks, access roads, the swimming pool, installation of pipes and heating are included in the ten-year insurance. However, work started before subscription is not covered.

The ten-year insurance lasts 10 years, precisely because the damage observed after this period cannot be the responsibility of the workers. As a result, coverage of the damage cannot take place 10 years later works receipt.

How do you get a quote for your ten-year insurance?

To get your ten-year insurance quote, you can go through a broker. After your discussions about your needs, your profile and your budget, he will make sure to obtain offers from the targeted insurance companies. He can then present them to you and together you choose the best offer. Going through it will save you time and money. With his knowledge and his network of insurance companies, everything will go faster.

It is also possible to contact insurance companies directly. You have the opportunity to go to companies, discuss directly with insurance companies and obtain quotes in person. To save time, you can do it online, on the companies’ websites or via their mailboxes. This will also allow you to carefully review all the offers received.

There is another effective way to help you save time and energy: the use of comparators. It is a platform meant to filter the best insurance offers. With this filter, you don’t need to contact a hundred companies to find the right one for you. With the many insurance companies available, the comparator only shows you those that offer guarantees that best meet your needs. All you have to do is fill in the information with the keywords for your insurance needs. After choosing the most advantageous companies, I advise you to request offers directly from the comparator.

take out a ten-year insurance policy

The possibilities of a ten-year insurance policy

Four important options are included in a ten-year insurance policy: civil liability, ten-year liability, injury at work and legal protection. Legal protection provides security in case of disagreements with third parties. Legal costs are covered by the insurance, cf. subsection article L.127-1 of Insurance Code.

Civil liability covers you for damages caused to the state or your customers. For any damage to the environment, it is the civil liability option that protects you. It also covers damage caused by your equipment to your employees or workers.

Ten years’ liability covers damage that is related to the soundness of the land or that makes it unsuitable for its intended purpose. She understands support for repairs, demolition and ground clearance. Failures in function or solidity of equipment elements that are inseparable from the construction are also covered by the insurance company.

The ongoing damage option covers equipment registered on site and yours that will be used during the performance of the work.

How to file a claim with your decades old insurance company?

You should call your broker if you encounter any problems with your site. He makes sure to draw attention to the matter to the insurance company so that repairs can be made. If you don’t have one, contact your advisor directly. You must meet him, exchange and try to find an amicable solution. If the exchanges are not moving in the right direction, ask to meet with a supervisor.

One of the best solutions is to re-read your contract if you can’t find a way out. This will allow you to know how to make the legal protection guarantee contained in it. You will be forced to follow a protocol if the legal guarantee was not given.

It is so important to contact the company’s customer service through a letter. This will constitute proof of your approach to an amicable solution. You must add supporting documents such as the contract and an estimate of the work to be done. Customer service usually reacts positively and finds a solution. Otherwise, the last resort will be to enter insurance broker. The institution will try in several ways to find a solution that satisfies both parties. You can take the matter to court if you do not agree with his proposal.

What to do in case of refusal of compensation?

In case of refusal of compensation from your insurance company, the first thing to do is to review the insurance contract. You must check whether the contract has not expired without your notice. Your insurance company can refuse you compensation if the 10 years have expired.

After checking, if it’s not a lag issue, make sure you’ve done one good acceptance of the work. The latter includes the preparation of the acceptance report and the preparation of an act registered at the beginning of the coverage of the works. Other reasons, such as the suspension of the payment of your contributions, the responsibility for the damage that is not your responsibility, or the nature of the damage, may justify the refusal of compensation.

You need to make sure that the refusal is not for any of these reasons, and then send an amicable mediation letter to the insurance company. You should explain the situation in the letter and expect a response within a week. In the event of failure to receive an answer or obtaining an unsatisfactory return, resort to court. It will need to be addressed a message to the insurance company and make a statement to the court office. Justice is the best solution after unsuccessful attempts at an amicable settlement.

Using a broker is the best way to choose the optimal ten-year policy. This solution allows you to reduce your expenses and quickly take out insurance. Risk analysis, negotiation of insurance costs and conflict management are easier to manage when left to a broker. You can’t help but take out a ten-year policy because it is a obligation for construction workers.

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