compensation for ransom for cyberattacks is debated in the Senate

The Senate on Wednesday voted on the first reading of the article of the “Lopmi” bill, which sets out the conditions for reimbursement by insurance companies of ransoms for cyberattacks, but at the cost of heated debate.

The Home Office’s Orientation and Programming Act contains a very important digital and cyber component, particularly to deal with the surge in cybercrime.

Among other measures, it makes the repayment of cyber-ransoms by insurance companies conditional on the filing of a complaint, quickly, by the victim.

The Minister of the Interior Grald Darmanin, supported by the rapporteur Marc-Philippe Daubresse (LR), had to argue a lot to oppose a series of amendments aimed at removing this provision, pointing to a misinterpretation of their authors.

Franois Bonhomme (LR) declared that this article was going to weaken the determined and constant attitude of the public authorities (…), which have always advised companies and administrations never to pay ransoms.

The vote on this simple article potentially endangers our compatriots living abroad by sending a signal that will be understood by everyone, including terrorist groups, that the payment of the ransom for France is only a matter of modality and not a matter of principle, added Olivier. Cadic (centered).

In the case of reimbursement, insurance companies can be complicit in the financing of terrorist acts, added Nathalie Goulet (centrist).

The state of the law today is that there are insurances which ensure the payment of ransoms, explained the minister. We say + we can only allow insurance companies to insure ransoms if a complaint has been filed + so that the public authorities can be aware of the facts.

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If we delete this article, there will always be an insurance that pays ransoms without anyone knowing, he added.

The Senate also voted in favor of an amendment by Socialist Rmi Cardon that reduces the period from 48 to 24 hours within which the insured must notify the authorities after a cyber attack.

On Thursday, the senators continue the investigation of Lopmi, which over five years provides a financial effort of 15 billion euros to the Ministry of the Interior, including 8 billion dedicated to cyber and digital.

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