Club: Mbappé’s advisers ready to use contract breach to put pressure on PSG?

In its edition of the day, L’Équipe dwells on the scenario of a breach of Kylian Mbappé’s contract with PSG. The people who advise the Frenchman are considering all the options and are ready to put pressure on the capital club to facilitate the striker’s departure.

The name Kylian Mbappé is on everyone’s lips. Just months after extending his commitment to PSG, the Frenchman once again sees his future at the heart of the news. There is talk that his wishes to leave were accelerated by a project that was not disclosed, were not respected in full and a sense of betrayal, especially reinforced by the scandal of “digital army” revealed by Mediapart. The capital club is accused of using a system of denigration on social networks regarding several former or current people at the club, including against Kylian Mbappé.

According to L’Équipe, the 23-year-old striker’s advisers are considering all options after the presentation of this affair on the media network. More recently, the breach of contract scenario has even been mentioned, and this is current via a potential termination of the extension that was signed last May. The fact is that the matter is very complex and that a fixed-term contract (CDD) for a football player is “fixed”, even more so for Kylian Mbappé.

An opportunity used to put pressure on PSG?

Still, according to the national sports daily, if this breach of contract materialized, it would effectively camouflage a transfer: “You don’t dismiss or step out of a CDD before its term, you break it, so there is a prejudice for one of the two parties, and the other has to pay him compensation. For the employee, this is salary that is due until the end of the contract. slips a regular guest in the newspaper’s columns. If he decided not to honor his contract, Kylian Mbappé would thus have to compensate a colossal amount to PSG. An invoice that would no doubt be settled by his next club.

As it stands, the advisors of the international tricolor could “Resolve their anger by sending letters to PSG”. Hidden pressure to force the capital club’s hand with a view to leaving as soon as possible. “This case should take this direction”indicates the Team.

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