Clint Capela and Atlanta ready for a full season

Clint Capela is entering his 9th season in the NBA, his 3rd with the Atlanta Hawks. And the 28-year-old Meyrin center has a less creaky body.

He is happy after two seasons of battling left foot ailments.

Checking in on someone’s health when you haven’t seen or heard from them in a while is more or less part of social convention. But when it comes to Clint Capela, social convention becomes obligation given the Genevan’s health issues over the past two years. Plantar arch, Achilles tendon, arch again, the problems of the only Swiss in the NBA are all at the bottom of his body.

He did all the training

Clint Capela was crossed this summer during his camp and emphasized the care that needs to be given to this stubborn left foot. And a few days before the start of the NBA season, where is it? ‘I’m happy to have been able to cope with all the training,’ he rejoices over the phone. I met good specialists, especially in Houston. So I took Atlanta physio with me to talk to the specialist, just to have a common and cohesive program to strengthen my foot and hamstrings. And today I see the difference, which makes me feel better in my head.’

Eliminated by Miami in the first round of the playoffs, Atlanta chose to take matters into their own hands and secure the services of Dejounte Murray. To give in San Antonio, the Hawks sent Danilo Gallinari and three first draft picks in 2023, 25 and 27! But it must be said that the all-star back is a jack of all trades on the field. Last year he averaged 21.1 points, 9.2 assists, 8.3 rebounds and 2 steals. ‘I have to build my relationship with him, explains Capela, who gets along really well with point guard Trae Young. Murray is a point guard who likes to give the ball ‘low to the ground’, ‘bounce passes’ à la Tony Parker, while Trae looks for the passes higher. In any case, he joined the team with a lot of humility.’

Maximize your strengths

Atlanta’s ambition is an echo of its No. 1 center. “We want to be top 6 in the East, I want to stay in the double-double average if possible, he claims. As for my personal goals, I want to be better and more present defensively, more reliable on free throws and scoring more on the counter attack.’ And what about mid-range or three-point shots? ‘I don’t want to get lost. At 28, it’s not the time to create a new identity for myself. I read an interview with Draymond Green where he said he knew what that brought him to the NBA. It’s the same for me. They count on me on defense and under the boards, not at the three-point line.’

When it comes to wrestling in the Eastern Conference, the Genevan envisions five tough opponents: Milwaukee, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami and Brooklyn. ‘It will be a real battle, but we have the potential to upset them, he notes. The NBA season is a marathon, never forget that. Every match is a challenge.’



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