City dwellers, are you all ready to sort your food waste?

Eurometropolis in Strasbourg is a pioneer in this area and will generalize the collection of food waste from individuals. It is a new device that it has been experimenting with since 2019 in Holtzheim, one of its 33 municipalities, then in certain districts of Strasbourg. It is preparing to extend this system to the entire city quarter in 2025, including the center of Strasbourg, in 2024. Already since 2022, 400 collection terminals have been installed in municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants.

Each sector will actually be equipped with collection terminals, a device that remains complementary to your own composting. Is particularly targeted at those residents who do not have a garden or enough space to have one at home, but also to reduce by half the contents of the urban area’s blue bins. And in order for this to be achieved concretely, a bio bin and reinforced and reusable paper bags are made available free of charge or left at each home. Additional benefit of composting, it is possible to put food waste such as bones, cheeses, cooked scraps, bones, chicken carcasses, oyster shells…

And you? Large families, pensioners, couples with or without children, singles, employees on the move, students… Are you ready to embark on the adventure of sorting your bio-waste? Do you have an extra bin in your small apartment while you wait to throw the bag at a collection point? Could this new, more flexible device make you decide to take the plunge into sorting? What limitations or advantages do you see in it? You can testify by filling out the form below. Your opinions will be used to write an article. Thanks in advance !

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