Citroën gives friendly advice to Elon Musk with Buzzman – Image

This is the story of a Citroën already out of stock even before its release date and that a great fortune like Elon Musk could not even afford. “You have it ?” questions Buzzman ironically. In addition, Citroën has decided to release a very limited edition My Ami Buggy, a more design version than its little sisters in the Ami range already known to the general public. For the launch of this novelty, fifty models have sold out in less than eighteen minutes on June 21 and buyers will be able to personalize the front plate of their My Ami Buggy and have an exclusive numbered plate on the dashboard.”And if you were wondering if it is still possible to offer it to you, know that My Ami Buggy is already sold-out and that even a billionaire will not be able to get it.“explains the agency. To tell them the bad news, Citroën wanted to challenge Elon Musk, the future first billionaire in history, by addressing him directly through a campaign of well-felt catchphrases. “Sorry Elon, the only way to get one is to redeem us”. The campaign has been visible in DOOH in Paris and Cannes on display since June 21 and in the national press since June 23.


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