Chrome 100, Google urgently closes a critical flaw

Google urgently closes a critical flaw in Chrome 100. It is being actively exploited by hackers. It is therefore advisable to update your browser as soon as possible.

Installing it allows the browser to upgrade to version 100.0.4896.127. It targets all supported operating systems, namely Windows, Linux and MacOs. Its deployment is normally automatic but it is possible to speed up the process manually.

To do this you have to go to ” About Google Chrome “. The page displays the installed browser version and triggers a check for available updates.

Chrome 100, a poorly detailed critical flaw

Google’s announcement is unfortunately not very explicit. Clearly we do not have much detail on the issue. The vulnerability is listed with a high severity rating. This is a type confusion issue in Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. This type of vulnerability can lead to the execution of an arbitrary code. Google specifies that attacks on the operator have already been identified.

It is not surprising that the giant remains discreet about the nature of this fault. The idea is to update the majority of devices before offering detailed information. A premature publication is likely to lead to a multiplication of malicious actions.

Since the beginning of the year Google has resolved three zero-day vulnerabilities affecting its browser. Note that other Chromium-based web browsers may be affected by this issue. We are thinking, for example, of Edge from Microsoft. If so, security updates will likely be released in the next few days.

Google recommends updating your browser as soon as possible to resolve this 0-day vulnerability.

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