Choosing the right home insurance for work

How do you know if your insurance covers renovation of your home?

In a home insurance agreement, multi-risk in particular can cover several types of damage. The work may be among the guarantees involved. However, to be sure that your renovation project does not have any consequences for the guarantees, check with your insurance company the content of the contract. If the work is not covered, consider changing your insurance. An extended warranty can do the trick.

If the change to your contract does not suit you, you can take out a new insurance with another company. GMF is one of the reliable insurance companies you can count on to cover your home. It offers a range of formulas complemented by a set of services available to policyholders.

If the renovation work on your home has been entrusted to a supervisor, responsibility of the latter is engaged. You benefit from several guarantees upon receipt of the page.

What type of insurance should I take out during the renovation of the home?

In the case of work in your home, you as a client must be protected by appropriate insurance. If you are the non-resident owner of the home to be renovated, a non-resident owner’s insurance must be drawn. If, on the other hand, it is the home you are staying in, you must take one out multi-risk home and liability insurance. Make sure the warranties cover any damage caused by the work. If the work concerns the solidity of the home or affects its habitability, a workers’ compensation insurance is required. In order for the latter to be activated by the insurance company, the company responsible for the work must be covered by the ten-year guarantee.

As mentioned above, the project manager or the person in charge of the workers must also take out various work insurances to operate in complete safety. As a starting point, he must have professional liability insurance. It will be completed by:

  • Guaranteed perfect finish valid for one year after acceptance of the work;
  • Guarantee for correct operation of the equipmentvalid for two years;
  • The ten-year guarantee covering construction for 10 years.


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