Children will be able to claim a purchase from their parents via Google Play

While it’s already possible to restrict purchases made by children using Google Play’s family payment method, the US web giant has added a feature for youngsters to have their purchases approved by a parent, guardian or legal guardian, regardless of whether they use Google’s payment system or not.

Children can make these requests to buy applications or to get an item, such as a virtual suit (skin) in an application – for example in mobile games.

The person responsible for a family account on Google Play will receive a notification on their own device when the child under 13 in their family submits their request.

She can accept or reject the request or put it on hold. They can then complete the purchase using the method that suits them, either through Google Play or by entering a credit card number.

The child can also add a message to justify their request.

Transactions will be archived in an order history for the Google Play family account.

This new feature was announced on Wednesday and has already been implemented.

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