“Certain death”, you are ready to shake and laugh

The next programming of En Poussan ta porte takes place on Friday, October 21. Another homestay night, in a garage this time, offered by the surprise company that promises to have fun.

Petit Théâtre d’Outre-Tombe will present certain death, in a burlesque-somber atmosphere. The organizers also announce the color: “Come shiver and laugh with family or friends a few days before Halloween! Between tongue-in-cheek vampire and living dead clown, he invites you to celebrate the coming death… until life follows! Between macabre poetry and oxymorons of laughter, let’s revisit the folklore of the afterlife.” The show is recommended for ages 6 and up.

At the end of the performance, the evening concludes, as is the tradition of En Poussan ta porte evenings, with a shared meal. Everyone brings snacks to the buffet! The doors open at 19.00, so the show starts at 19.30. So don’t hesitate to book your evening on Friday 21 October.

No ticket office on site. Reservation at “Certain Death”, Compagnie Surprise (helloasso.com). Price: €10 adult / €5 child.

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