Cédric Jubillar’s lawyer calls for his release from prison

Benjamin Peter, edited by Ophelie Artaud

Number one suspect in the disappearance of his wife Delphine Jubillar in December 2020, Cédric Jubillar should be fixed on his fate this Monday afternoon, after a year of imprisonment. Justice must decide on the extension of his warrant of deposit, which expires next Saturday. For his lawyer, Maître Alexandre Martin, “it is urgent to release this man”.

Will Cédric Jubillar be released from prison on Monday? He should be fixed on his fate at the beginning of the afternoon, after yet another request for release. Justice must indeed decide on the extension of his warrant of deposit, which expires on Saturday June 18. The man, who still claims his innocence, is the number one suspect in the investigation into the disappearance of his wife Delphine Jubillar, a Tarn nurse who disappeared in December 2020. After a year in prison, Cédric Jubillar “must get out”, believes his lawyer Maître Alexandre Martin, at the microphone of Europe 1.

For the defense, “nothing demonstrates the guilt” of Cédric Jubillar

“Detention is the exception and freedom is the principle. The presumption of innocence is the principle. One year is a time limit given to judges to do their job and during which it was considered that he could not go out. After a year, we draw the consequences: what had been announced by the public prosecutor on June 18, 2021, namely the displayed guilt of Cédric Jubillar , is not demonstrated by anything”, underlines Maître Alexandre Martin.

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyer insists on the fact that “this guilt has disintegrated. We even have an element which demonstrates that this man is innocent since we know that Delphine’s telephone was manipulated at a time when Cédric Jubillar was with the gendarmes. It is now urgent to release this man, to apply principles and that the investigation follow its course. Obviously, Cédric Jubillar will remain, as he has always been, at the disposal of justice.

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