Record zero-day vulnerabilities in 2021 according to Google

A latest study by Google’s Project Zero team shows that 58 zero-day vulnerabilities were discovered over the past year, a record since 2015. Detection capacity and more frequent disclosure of vulnerabilities explain this growth in particular. After an air pocket in 2018, the number of zero-day vulnerabilities detected by Project Zero, Google’s cybersecurity research team, … Read more

Google Trend: Beach resorts win the prize

What to do in Quiberon? What to see in Roscoff? Questions that seem innocuous but that say a lot about French habits. On the occasion of the Easter holidays, it is interesting to know which names of cities in France are the most typed on the Google search engine. The Likibu holiday rental comparator has … Read more

Google Cloud Announces, a Proprietary AI Management Platform, It Wants to “Democratize Machine Learning Innovation” for Small Businesses

According to CEO Tuncay Isik, was built on Google Cloud itself and is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace as the first paid AI management platform. Google Cloud provides users with access to an AI platform that allows them to build, deploy, and manage AI projects in the cloud without requiring extensive data … Read more