The cute moment of a protective cat who reassures his frightened little brother during the absence of their mistress (video)

© Rosa Leger / TikTok Do cats show love? A question to which many owners already have a categorical answer. The behavior of Nosy and Baby, Rosa Leger’s two cats, brings the ultimate observation. nosythe first to arrive in the home of Rosa Legerhas always been a cat with an independent and distant character towards … Read more

black storks, a symbol to protect

Black storks are the symbol of the National Forest Park. This rather fearful bird returns to Haute-Marne and the north of the Côte-d’Or, after migrating to North Africa. In the area, there are between four and six pairs of black storks. A cousin of the Alsatian stork, France’s largest forest bird is on the International … Read more

Porta Potty / Man: “I sucked 4 dogs and 6…, after they sodomized me, I was bleeding…”, shock revelations from a young Cameroonian (video)

There is no end to the revelations about the famous Porta Potty affair that has been talking about for a few days! The scandalous story has become a real subject of general indignation, especially in Africa where influencers are currently under the weight of all kinds of criticism. Scatophiles, bestial practices, such are the atrocities … Read more

Dog excrement: in Bergerac, the inhabitants doubtful about the “dung fine” of 750 euros that the mayor wants to impose

“12 kg of dog excrement picked up every day by our dirt bike, too much is too much! explains Jonathan Prioleaud, the mayor of Bergerac to justify his decision to sign the municipal decree which provides for financial penalties of up to a maximum of 750 euros. “We have been raising awareness among the population … Read more

Val-de-Marne: the anger of the masters of Valentino, a bichon fatally attacked by mastiffs in a park in Fresnes

Nervous, sitting on a bench in the public park, “Le parc du Moulin de Berny”, in Fresnes, Évelyne keeps turning her head. More than a fortnight after the events, this grandmother is struggling to enjoy the place. On April 16, she was walking with her husband Jean-Michel, their 22-month-old grandson and Valentino, her mother-in-law’s Maltese … Read more