Castres. Ready for the 37th major tournament of the Cercle castrais de tarot

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The meeting of the Cercle castrais in 2023 announces two news: it takes place this Saturday at the Salle de la Papeterie in Burlats and offers, in addition to its main prize, an unprecedented duo tournament.

New distribution of cards for the Cercle castrais de tarot, which opens its 2023 season with its traditional grand tournament. It takes place this Saturday, February 4, but this edition takes place in the neighboring Burlats, at the Salle de la Papeterie (Les Salvages, 19, avenue du Sidobre). “The economic context and the increases it generates do not allow our association to honor the amount of room rent requested in Castres”, laments the president Lionel Marcon.

The award of this meeting should appeal to tarot players from Occitanie, as the prize of €1,000 for the first is retained! “The other news, the president announces, is that we are offering a duos tournament at 2:00 p.m., replacing the triples.” Registrations (€30 per duo) will be possible from 13.30 to start the matches at 2 p.m.

The big tournament in Ville de Castres free individual (25 offers) starts at 9 p.m. sharp (€20). “If a player is alone for the duo, the club will find someone to play with him, reports Lionel Marcon. There will be 50 minutes of play per set. All the club’s volunteers will work to make this day as pleasant as possible. .”

Between the two events, a meal will be served on site, at 19.30, with a fideua on the menu (limited places).

Under the colors of Castres

The board of the Cercle de tarot, which has new clothes in the white and blue colors of Castres, now consists of five members: president, Lionel Marcon; vice president, Thierry Seguier; accounting secretary, Nadine Villaret; responsible for competitions, Stéphane Villeneuve, supported by Jean-Paul Faur.

In terms of results, the new season looks very promising for the Cercle castrais with already the qualification in Aix by Stéphane Villeneuve in the French Championship duo tournament; as for the seniors, congratulations on his qualification to Pierre Guille.

At the beginning of next July, the club will organize the Tarn championships, as its licensee Didier Arnaud distinguished himself by winning the event this year. “In 2024, the president confides again, we plan to organize committees of triplets or quadruplets and we will be on the way to the 40th anniversary of the Cercle, synonymous with good health and good management of our structure, which today has 30 members. “

Cercle castrais, kindly hosted by the Albinque neighborhood committee, regularly enjoys sharing meals and tarot games with Albigensian players, also with valuable advice from Georges Marc.

For all information, contact Thierry on 06 30 93 84 14 or Lionel on 06 13 43 31 53.

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