Carrefour makes you travel for free with its new products that come direct from the USA at low prices! – Tuxedo board

2023 begins with a trip to the states with Carrefour, which invites essential foods across the Atlantic to its shelves.

No need to take a plane to get to the US this month. Carrefour brings the best of gastronomy from Uncle Sam to its shelves. And what’s more, at low prices!

A brand that pays attention to our budget

The year has gotten off to a decidedly good start at Carrefour. The sign, which we no longer present to anyone, adapts the good plans to preserve our purchasing power.

It is true that between inflation and the energy crisis, it is a bit damaged. But fortunately, many products on the shelves at Carrefour allow us to find ourselves there.

This is the case, for example, with this perfect coat to protect you from the cold for less than 30 euros. A good plan if you are looking for a seasonal outfit to integrate into your winter wardrobe on the cheap.

But that’s not all… The brand also has good offers on the food side. Source of significant expenses every month, what we put on our plate often has a price, so quality is in the meeting.

With Carrefour, you have to make sure of that eat well at the best price. If one of your good resolutions for 2023 is to focus more on fruit and vegetables, you will find what you are looking for in its dedicated departments.

lovers taste from the USA will also be able to look forward to this January. Because the brand has decided to bring the USA directly to their plates!

It is not always easy to find foods from the other side of the Atlantic in our stores. But this month, fans of marshmallow fluff and other boxed macaroni will be jumping for joy!

Because at Carrefour they will be able to get their hands on the best from the USA. And this without having to take a plane to get there! Let’s go!

Carrefour celebrates the USA on its shelves

If you like products from the new world, you will be able to treat yourself. In addition to now knowing the recipe for cheese nuggets, also melting macaroni cheese.

This is THE comfort food you can share this winter to enjoy watching your favorite series! We continue with a classic: peanut butter. This staple of American gastronomy is also available at Carrefour.

You can spread it on bread. Even taste it with a teaspoon for the most addicted. In any case, it is a true delight for gourmets. Impossible not to drop a jar in our shopping cart.

The American way of life lands on your plate!

To add a twist to your sandwiches, you must also opt for another must-have. No, we’re not talking about ketchup… But crispy onions. These are fried onions to sprinkle generously on your hot dogs, burgers and even your healthy salads!

For breakfast or a snack, Carrefour also welcomes us these pancakes to prepare. Everything is already in the box! All you have to do is follow the recipe to taste them. What if this year you replaced Candlemas crêpes with them?

Finally, to take advantage of a purely regressive moment, go after these corn marshmallows. To upgrade your breakfast, pour them into a bowl and sprinkle with milk! A pure pleasure for the taste buds! So you validate all these products?

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