Car rental: Prices will remain high in 2023

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While they were already high last year, the prices to rent a car will not decrease in 2023. According to Carigami, a car rental comparison service, it will be necessary to wait until 2024 to return to normal. Explanations.

A 38% increase in car rental prices in 2022

Whether it’s a few days for a weekend, a move or a business trip, car hire is particularly useful. But in 2022 average prices to rent a car increased with 38%, in France and abroad. Average, rent a vehicle for a week came back to €447 Last year. This was announced by Carigami, a car rental comparator, in a press release last Thursday. And according to the company, prices will not decrease in 2023.

Asked about BFM Business, Pierre Feisthauer, Head of Development at Carigami, said:

We are still very far from the mark and we do not expect a return to normal before 2024. This year we risk going to the same topo with stocks in the low and mid-season and blockages in the high season and on the islands.

Moreover, if prices have risen so much, it is for several reasons:

  • The decline in the production of new cars with a shortage of components;
  • The rental companies’ limited range;
  • Inflation.
According to Carigami, Corsica was particularly affected by this price increase. where supply difficulties have further limited the available supply “.

The price of a car rental by city

Car rental prices will therefore continue to rise in 2023. However, these will vary according to the cities. For example, in 2022, the rates for rent a car for a week was:

  • €729 in Marseille;
  • €548 in Paris;
  • €491 in Lyon;
  • €476 in Bordeaux.

Are you planning to rent a car this year? An advice: anticipate !

Customers are booking earlier due to shortages and prices and this approach will continue, there is no going back. From now on, we rent in the spring around April-May for the summer holidays, whereas this has traditionally happened around mid-June, explains Pierre Feisthauer to BFM Business.

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