Car insurance: why you’ll be able to say goodbye to the green sticker

The green car insurance sticker will soon be a distant memory. The insurance companies asking for its abolition have finally received the green light from Bercy. The project plans to move to dematerialized reading.

It’s a small revolution in the world of car insurance. Following the announcement of the implementation of an anti-inflation package during a joint conference between the Minister of Economy and the President of the French Insurance Federation, as L’IndĂ©pendant explained on Tuesday, Bruno The Mayor said that he was also working on the removal of the famous green sticker. It is a matter of meeting a long-standing request from the insurance companies. The profession, for its part, has committed itself to limiting the increase in premiums to inflation.

A dematerialized system

“We are working together with the Minister of the Interior, GĂ©rald Darmanin, to remove this small green sticker that you have to stick behind your windshield, which shows that you are well insured, so that it is dematerialized,” the finance minister declared after a meeting with insurance companies. It is a shock of simplification for our compatriots, and at the same time it is a cost that is also reduced”he said as reported by Les Echos.

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Specifically, the information will be available from the vehicle’s number plate in connection with the record of insured vehicles (FAV). The police will then have access to all information when reading the license plate.

This simplification would be an essential element in lowering insurance companies’ costs, says Le Parisien. According to the Federation of Insurance, this would avoid printing costs of around 50 million documents a year.

No timetable was given for the implementation of the device.

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