Car insurance: Allianz’s small rolls

Small riders do not have the same ecological and environmental impact as motorists with high annual mileage. In order to better adapt to the needs of small riders, Allianz has for many years developed specific car insurance.

Insurance is one of the most expensive car expenses. Regardless of use, every driver must be insured. To control your budget as well as possible and limit your ecological impact, Allianz offers car insurance that adapts to your needs. Especially for small riders.

An environmentally responsible approach

For the consumer, the nerve of the war is played by his car insurance in the values ​​of this. Allianz offers simple insurance that is above all adapted to the specific needs of young riders. Forget the superfluous, choose the package that suits you.

Perfect insurance for, for example, city dwellers who use their car little or not at all on a daily basis. Ditto for seniors who don’t necessarily need to use their vehicle intensively, or for households that have multiple vehicles, only 1 of which makes long trips.

In addition, this insurance for small riders from Allianz fits perfectly into an environmental approach. In fact, at a time when we all need to be vigilant about the climate and the well-being of our planet, this Allianz offer allows you to save up to 25% on your car insurance while doing something for the environment. Insurance that encourages you to take your car less, to rethink your habits and to adopt a decarbonisation of the territory.

As you have probably understood, a certain ethics comes out of this car insurance from Allianz.

How does it work ?

This Allianz small rider insurance is available to all drivers. Young and old.

In practice, you choose between 2 auto packages, the one most suitable for your use. The first of 7000 km per year. The second at 9000 km.

In addition, the kilometers not driven will automatically transfer to what Allianz calls your “kilometer reserve”. This reserve can be used the following year in case the fixed price is exceeded. You can reserve up to 5000 km.

But a small rider insurance does not mean small coverage. In addition to adopting environmentally responsible behavior, Allianz covers you in the event of an accident. Whichever package you choose, you benefit from the same guarantees and services as with unlimited mileage.

In summary, Allianz small car insurance means you choose ethical, simple car insurance while guaranteeing complete protection.

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