Car accident: everything you need to know about the compulsory accident insurance guarantee fund

What should you do if you are involved in a car accident caused by an uninsured or unidentified person who cannot compensate you for the property damage and/or personal injury you have suffered? An accident is already an ordeal in itself… so encountering an uninsured driver can dampen spirits. Be sure there is a solution: Contact the Guarantee Fund for Forced Injury Insurance.

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The tasks of the compulsory non-life insurance guarantee fund

The FGAO is financially independent, but it is nevertheless placed under the control of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, which determines the contribution rate according to the fund’s needs.

FGAO’s missions and skills have expanded over the years. It was established mainly for “compensation for bodily injury or material damage suffered by the victims or their relatives from traffic accidents caused by drivers of a motorized land vehicle (car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.), uninsured or unknown (drivers) who fled”. FGAO -the teams also intervene to take care of the victims of accidents that have happened abroad.

In all other cases, car insurance companies are responsible for providing compensation to victims of road accidents.

The conditions for being compensated by the FGAO

In order to be entitled to financial assistance from the Guarantee Fund for compulsory non-life insurance, several elements must be complied with. First of all, the vehicle that caused your accident must not be insured (otherwise contact the insurance company) and must be registered in France.

“If the accident was caused by a vehicle whose driver has been identified, you can receive compensation for your personal injury and property damage. If the accident is caused by a vehicle whose perpetrator is not identified, you may be compensated for your bodily injury, but the fund will not be able to intervene to compensate you for your material damage, unless you or another person suffered during the accident hospitalization in more than 7 days followed by temporary total disability equal to or greater than one month or a permanent disability of at least 10%, or, if no one has died,” the FGAO says.

The documents are sent to the Guarantee Fund for compulsory non-life insurance

Several documents must be provided to be compensated by the FGAO:

  1. the compensation claim form,
  2. a photocopy of your identity card, passport or residence permit,
  3. photocopy of the police report or police report.

Other documents must also be submitted depending on the nature of the damage related to the accident.

In case of bodily injury

In the case of bodily injury, the first medical certificate describing the injuries is drawn up (first certificate drawn up in principle on the day of the accident by the hospital or the treating doctor), possibly the health certificate or the consolidation certificate, the supporting documentation of loss of income (see the form), receipts for medical or hospital admission for held costs and reimbursements made by the social organisations.

In case of material damage

In case of material damage, you must collect all the documents that present an assessment of the amount of the material damage (expert report or paid invoice, insurance contract for the damaged property, indicating the nature of the guarantees taken out and the absence of damage guarantee ).

If you don’t feel fit enough to gather all these supporting documents, ask around for help. The sooner the file is sent by your insurance company, the better – but be aware that the legal deadline gives you plenty of time to take matters into your own hands.

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The compulsory non-life insurance guarantee fund in numbers

  • In 2020, 29,986 victims were cared for by FGAO after a car accident.
  • 127.7 million euros were paid out: 11.2 million euros to victims of property damage and 116.5 million euros to victims of bodily injury.

Do not hesitate to check your car insurance contract to find out if you are well covered in case of a traffic accident and the amount of compensation in case of bodily accidents, because the amount of compensation varies from one car insurance contract to another. from simple to double.

Finally, be aware that FGAO can cover you in the event of a hit-and-run by the other driver. Because in some cases you may not have an amicable report about the accident… It is in the interest of the foundation to insure the victims in this type of situation with solidarity.

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