Can my house insurance suddenly increase due to climate risk? At 20.00 you will be answered

Can my insurance company claim climate risk to raise my home insurance rates overnight?

Not overnight, no. Your insurance company”must wait until the anniversary of your contract to do so“, explains Raphaël Bartlomé, director of the legal department of the consumer defense association UFC-Que Choisir, who wrote this file on home insurance, and he must notify you at least three months in advance by e-mail, mail or through your personal field.

That the increase is due to the growing climate risk does not change the rule in any way: “It’s just a sales pitch“. For years insurance companies have been warning about the financial burden of natural disasters.”The costs of climate hazards will double by 2050, rising from 73.4 billion to 143 billion in 2050“, we can in this summary of France Assureurs, which defends the interests of professionals.


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