By adopting a deaf dog, he had no idea that his friend would become a hero and a symbol

For almost 6 years, a deaf dog named Cole has made his owner Chris Hannah’s life better, but also affected many other people. The dog intervenes especially towards children and the elderly in order to share a bit of his joy in life with them.

In April 2017 Chris Hannah was looking for a dog to adopt from a shelter. He wasn’t particularly targeting animals with special needs, but it was ultimately a deaf puppy that caught his attention. The man, whose nephew was also deaf, was sensitive to the question.

He had gone to reception the next morning to meet the young dog, but his decision was already made before his arrival. Their first contact only confirmed the love at first sight he had for him when he discovered her pictures, reported Daily Paws.

The four-legged one he called Cole, became his best friend. As the animal grew up, it took on a whole new dimension by demonstrating to humans its gentleness and its desire to assert itself despite its disability.

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Cole the Deaf Dog – The Team Cole Project / Facebook

Gradually, Cole turned into a symbol, a hero for many people who began to follow him on social networks. His side Facebook now has nearly 90,000 followers. It mainly serves to promote Team Cole projecta social-emotional learning program.

A source of inspiration and comfort

Through this initiative, the dog and its master convey noble values ​​such as compassion and tolerance in various spaces, including schools. Besides, Chris Hannahwho teaches music in a primary school, could see how Cole can have a positive impact on children. Many of these had never dealt with a person with a disability; by meeting his dog they changed their perception of the thing.

Cole also visits armed forces veterans in hospitals. Once a week he and his master go to Veterans Memorial Home on Vineland in New Jersey, where their arrival is eagerly awaited by the hundreds of residents to whom the dog brings great comfort.

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