Buy outpatient insurance? A decision that changed everything for these Belgians

Outpatient care is much more numerous and expensive than one might imagine. This ranges from a consultation with your doctor or a specialist to medication, including glasses, prosthetics or a hearing aid. This small list is far from exhaustive for lower cost treatments but also much more frequent. Taking out outpatient insurance gives you many advantages. And those who speak best of it are those who have been able to benefit from it.

A diminishing outlook… but a rising bill

Thanks to my new glasses, I could see the price difference on the invoice! “jokes Evelyne from the start. At 40, she needed new glasses because she began to have difficulty reading and seeing well at a distance. The result? He needed progressive lenses. And those who wear glasses know, that new lenses can be very expensive. The total invoice amount was thus €830.” And the intervention of the mutual of only 40 euros, I was surprised », continues Evelyn. Fortunately for her, she had recently opted for DKV Daily Premium outpatient insurance. ” And I did well! My insurance intervened for €632, I only paid €158 out of pocket. A nice saving, I couldn’t believe my eyes despite my new glasses she laughs again.

A fall with serious consequences … and medical costs

For Christophe, 42, it was a serious fall that caused excruciating back pain and ultimately a lot of daily care. ” I prefer not to think about that day because it hurt so much. The back pain increased rapidly, it was difficult to endure “. He therefore logically consults his general practitioner, who prescribes painkillers and advises him to undergo an MRI to be sure.” I didn’t expect someone to tell me I have a broken back! “. He has to rest for several weeks, wear the corset and follow 15 physio sessions to strengthen the muscles of the upper body. This serious fall has consequences for his health, but also for his wallet. The total bill was thus 1,892 euros! If the mutual seizes in for 557 euros, he still has more than 1,300 euros!” Fortunately, I took out outpatient insurance, which paid out 1,068 euros! I was still relieved to have to pay ‘only’ 267 euros! concludes Christophe.

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Main exclusions from insurance coverage: pre-existing conditions and symptoms at the time of contracting, costs incurred during the internship, aesthetic care, costs other than a consultation in connection with sterilization, contraception and medically assisted reproduction, spectacle frames and non-corrective lenses for (sun)glasses, dental care , hygiene and cosmetic products, vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements, costs resulting from certain behavior of the insured. All exclusions by type of outpatient insurance can be seen in the product information documents (IPID). Life contract that cannot be canceled by the insurance company, with the exception of exceptions provided by law.

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