Burglary, security: quickly blur your house on Google Maps!

Google Maps is very handy, and we could say the same about Google Street View, which allows you to see places directly without ever setting foot there. The problem is that you can also see your home, your children playing in the garden, your license plate, etc. What if you didn’t want to share this with the whole world?

Fortunately, Google lets you slow down. Because imagine that Google has traveled the world since 2007 with its cars to map every street in Uzbekistan. And it’s not just the houses, as you may well find yourself photographed as you go. People are masked automatically, but sometimes the system doesn’t work as expected.

Let’s live in hiding!

In short, no one asked Google to put a target on your back, but if you think it’s lost beforehand, think again. It is actually possible to ask to blur certain parts of your home. This will prevent burglars from spotting the property, thieves from coming to collect your packages for you, or your boss from rejecting your salary because you have a swimming pool and a porch. Be careful, blurring the only house in your neighborhood can also attract attention, and the blurring is irreversible!

Google Maps
If the area is not a home, Maps also offers to blur e.g. shocking content.

to report a problem

Start by entering your home address and click the Street View thumbnail in the top left. Then select the three small dots in the window where the address is listed and do it to report a problem. Choose My home, Number plate Where Other object. Place your home or whatever you want in the red zone to request blur. You will receive an email which will explain to you that Google will study your request:

Thank you for reporting a Street View image. This is under review. We will send you an email once your request has been processed.

You can also do it from your mobile app!

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