Brokerage: Daisy Facchinetti, from Orias to Endya

Daisy Facchinetti is appointed general secretary of Endya.

Daisy Facchinetti leaves Orias to become secretary general of the self-regulatory association Endya, created by Planète CSCA, Apic and GCAB.

A few weeks after obtaining its approval, the brokerage self-regulatory association Endya announced the arrival of its general secretary. This is Daisy Facchinetti, a personality well known to intermediaries because she had held the position of general secretary of Orias for 5 years. The latter will take up her post on June 16 with the mission of leading the operational management of Endya, under the responsibility of President Roger Mainguy.

Daisy Facchinetti began her career at the FFSA (now France Assureurs) then at HSBC Assurances as a lawyer. A law graduate from the FACO Free Law Faculty, she also holds a master’s degree in insurance law from the University of Caen Normandy. Joining Orias in 2012 as a lawyer, Daisy Facchinetti held the position of general secretary of the single register of insurance, banking and finance intermediaries since 2017.

The brokerage self-regulation reform came into force on April 1, 2022. Professionals wishing to register with Orias as brokers or agents of insurance brokers must join one of the 7 professional associations approved by the ACPR. From 2023, this obligation will concern all active brokers.

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