Brittany Spaniel – Character – Price – Feeding

L’Brittany Spaniel, a wonderful dog that is very popular with families and hunters. It is a medium-sized dog with a triangular head and a short, broad muzzle. His body is well proportioned but athletic and his limbs are powerful and muscular. Its drooping ears and pleated tail give it a noble and lively appearance.

In addition, the Brittany Spaniel has a playful and cheerful personality that is well-liked by its owners.

He is very smart and very talented learning new skills and obeying orders. He bonds quickly and strongly with his family and loves to play with children. In addition, its hunting instinct is highly developed, making it an ideal companion for hunters.

From character to diet, together we examine all the characteristics necessary to know the Brittany Spaniel and understand all that this breed has to offer: between versatility, health and intuitivenessdiscover the Brittany Spaniel!

Physical characteristics of the Brittany Spaniel

Height and weight

The Brittany Spaniel is a medium-sized breed, with very varied physical characteristics depending on the individual. On average, the males are between 45 and 55 cmwhile the females are smaller, varying between 43 and 53 cm.

Their average weight varies between 14 and 18 kg. Males are heavier than females, weighing between 16 and 22 kg.

The Brittany Spaniel is a dog breed from medium sized, with a well-proportioned body, powerful and flexible. His gaits are lively and elegant, and his the expression is lively and intelligent. His head is broad and his ears droop. Its muzzle is very short and the nose is black.


Its fur is off fawn or brown color, with white spots on legs and muzzle. Its fur is quite long and wavy, giving it a unique and charming look.

Brittany spaniel physical characteristics


The average lifespan of the Brittany Spaniel is approx 12 to 14 years. This number may vary depending on the age at which the dog was purchased, as well as the care and feeding it receives.

Dogs bought at an older age can live shorter lives, while dogs that are cared for and fed properly can live longer.


Nutritional needs

The right diet for Brittany Spaniels is essential to maintain their joints throughout their active lives; it must contain a reasonable proportion of animal protein without exaggeration or omission.

Factors such as the dog’s age, lifestyle (physical activity), weight and size should all be taken into account when choosing a specific food.

Recommended foods

Good nutrition can contribute significantly to your pet’s longevity and general condition. Food wet, dry or natural can provide an excellent source of nutrition for Brittany Spaniels.

brittany spaniel personality

Behavioral characteristics of the Brittany Spaniel

Compatibility with children

Brittany Spaniels fits very well the conditions in which they grow up and like to interact with other animals and children; it makes them companions responsive, loving and considerate.

Activity level

Brittany Spaniels are always enthusiastic about the physical activities they do with their masters. Care must therefore be taken to keep the level of activity moderate so as not to overload their delicate joints, especially at their young age.

temperament and character

Brittany spaniels are drunk of enthusiasm and vitality. They especially enjoy human company and love to spend time around family members.

They are smart, brave and endearingwhich is an ideal cocktail to train them to be the best working dogs or sports companions.

brown brittany spaniel

Brittany Spaniel Price

The starting price of a Brittany Spaniel will vary depending on genetic characteristics, sex and/or pedigree, generally from €800 to €1500.

In addition, you must take into account the extra costs associated with regular maintenance (veterinary visits, worming, etc.) and feed specially formulated for the breed.

Brittany Spaniel Health

Although the Brittany Spaniel generally has one robust endurance, it is possible that they suffer something common diseases to this breed such as skin allergies or digestive disorders.

Common diseases

In addition to lifestyle conditions (obesity, lack of exercise), diseases such as: otitis externa, atopic eczema and entropion in Brittany Spaniels should be taken into account.

Veterinary care

Proper veterinary care is essential to ensure that the Brittany Spaniel fully and safely enjoys its time with its family.

Regular visits to the vet can quickly identify certain symptoms that may cause concern and act on them before the condition worsens.

Healthy Brittany Spaniel

Origin of the breed

The Brittany Spaniel is a very old dog breed, dating back to the 1650s. It was bred in Brittany, France to hunt small game such as partridges and hares. The breed was widely popularized by the famous French writer Jules Verne, who wrote the novel “The Hound of the Baskervilles” in 1882, featuring a Brittany spaniel named Toby.

The Brittany Spaniel is considered the oldest French hunting dog, and it is known for its ability to find and catch game. He is a very lively and energetic dog who likes to run. He is also very intelligent and loyal.

After exploring the unique qualities of the Brittany Spaniel, we can say that this breed is considered affectionate and active, easily adapting to all kinds of environments. In addition, the average price of a Brittany Spaniel puppy is relatively affordable and can be adjusted to small budgets.

Foods should be adapted to his strict diet and his health should be maintained through visits to the vet and proper care.

In short, the Brittany Spaniel has many unique characteristics that make it an all-around breed perfect for families or first-time owners.

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