Britney Spears drugged by her ex-manager and her ex-lawyer: the shocking documents

Who really benefited from Britney Spears’ guardianship? In court documents filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles by his lawyer, exchanges overwhelm the former management company of the star and the lawyer for his father. Shocking extracts were revealed by a fan account on Twitter this Wednesday, July 5.

Britney Spears may have stepped out of her dad’s clutches, but the story doesn’t end there. Placed under the guardianship of James Spears for almost 13 years, the pop star was deprived of his financial, professional but also intimate freedom. As she rediscovers the joys of independence, her lawyer continues to investigate to find out who benefited from her confinement. According to master Mathew Rosengart, it is on the side of Tri Star that we must look. The pop star’s former management company reportedly established a legal and financial arrangement with the father of Britney Spears throughout their collaboration, which began shortly before his guardianship, reports the site variety. Attorney Mathew Rosengart filed court documents in Los Angeles Superior Court proving that Lou Taylor’s company gambled a major role in the guardianship of the 40-year-old artist and pocketed nearly $18 million during their collaboration from 2008 to 2020.

As the US site reports, “the legal documents refer to emails, allegedly sent by Taylor, regarding the conservatorship”. There are also “communications allegedly sent between Taylor, Spears’ father, and his former attorney, Geraldine Wyle.” Add those between the lawyer and Lou Taylor dating from January 30, 2008. Overwhelming exchanges revealed on Twitter by a fan account in which we can read: We encountered a problem with the choice of the judge… The only judge who can hear our case on Friday is the one who won’t give Jamie the power to administer mind-altering drugs“. Before adding: “Lu… we must preserve the credibility of all our witnesses, especially from the family, and especially from Lynne (Lynne Spears, mother of Britney Spears, editor’s note), because a large part of this affair rests on her credibility. I’m so glad you got them home on Monday night – that’s the key.” “New emails show that Lou Taylor conspired with lawyers to drug Britney and put her under guardianship!”, translates in comment the Twitter account.

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Did Britney Spears’ father’s lawyer want to be her co-tutor”?

The US site adds that these emails imply that James Spears’ lawyer wanted to be “co-tutor” when she writes: “I’m the right person for this. I fought for Jamie for 3 years, I prayed and fasted with him every week and life has changed drastically thanks to this determination”. While the main concerned deny their involvement in the guardianship of Britney Spears, the latter’s lawyer “has publicly pledged to fully investigate Tri Star”. For this, his firm called on the company Kroll “for investigate the conduct of the businessin addition to that of his father”.

Earlier, the New York Times claimed that the performer of the titles Toxic and Gimme More was under monitoring a security team hired by her father and Tri Star. Complaints echoing that of the star recently married to Sam Asghari who has repeatedly accused them of abusive behavior and of having taken advantage of her financially during her guardianship. In order to clarify the facts, Mathew Rosengart requests that the management company disclose documents relating to his work with Jamie Spears. A request that the judge in charge of the case has not yet validated.

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