Bradley Beal or Zach LaVine or nothing?

On a five-game winning streak despite the absence of Anthony Davis, the Lakers are riding a good momentum, but LeBron James is still waiting for reinforcements to really have a chance to star. So far, general manager Rob Pelinka is refusing to let go of his two 2027 and 2029 first-round Draft picks, and likely will be until the end of the season unless a real star hits the market. transfers…

“You all know what’s gonna happen, shit”

For about two weeks and with the NBA’s Trade Deadline a month away, LeBron James is picking his moments to send press shots to the Lakers front office. The king’s message is very clear: ending his career in a mediocre team is out of the question, and he wants more support in Los Angeles.

A message that clearly reached Rob Pelinka’s ear, except the latter still refuses to completely mortgage the Lakers’ future by keeping the Heat his 2027 and 2029 Draft first-round picks. These are now the best bargaining chip for Los Angelesso barring a big hit, he doesn’t seem inclined to let them go.

When we talk about “big shot”, we are talking about All-Star confirmed as Zach LaVine and Bradley Beal. According to insider Marc Stein, only for players of this caliber would Pelinka be willing to sacrifice his draft picks. No less. To put it another way, the Lakers will only make a move if it allows Los Angeles to truly star in the West, not just to bolster the current team “a little.” It’s debatable whether the Chicago and Washington guards are the right targets to accomplish this goal given their minor injuries and huge contracts, but at least you have an idea of ​​Rob Pelinka’s current mindset.

The problem is that LaVine and Beal are not currently on the transfer market., and nothing says they will be made available in the coming weeks. Zach’s Bulls have been better in the last few games, reducing the chances of Chicago going all out to take a new direction. And on the Washington side, neither the Wizards nor Bealou have yet asked to end their marriage.

The Lakers could therefore wait a long time, even if it means sacrificing the current season. And we doubt that pleases LeBron…


Text source: Marc Stein

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