Boxing: young BC bragard ready for competition

On Wednesday 4 January, the end of training was a little special for the children in the Boxing Club’s Bragard educational boxing section. Coach Side-Ahmed Tourki awarded a dozen of them their diplomas for having achieved, after the evaluation that took place on December 14, the “white glove” level. To obtain this grade, several skills had to be validated, divided into three points: the “technical-tactical” skill with, for example, the mastery of movements or strikes with a direct trajectory; the “psychomotricity-physical” competency with evaluation of coordination and general motor skills; and the skill “knowledge of boxing, interpersonal skills and sporting codes”, where the young people had to demonstrate their knowledge of the common rules and their good behavior during training and during the assaults, as well as the civic values ​​that boxing instills in them, such as respect, taste for effort or companionship.

Achieving this grade is mandatory to participate in certain competitions, especially divisional and regional championships.

“These young people who have passed and achieved the rank of “white glove” are in their second season of boxing training. They have successfully passed this exam, which will allow them to register to participate in the championships” , commented Side-Ahmed Tourki proudly.

Boxing club Bragard’s educational boxing section currently has around twenty young people in the categories from chicks to cadets.

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Adrian Jeanson

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