Bern: After insurance, Swiss Post merges with a new bank


Swiss post offices offer insurance and financial products. From now on you can buy credit cards there.

From 18 October, Swiss Post and the Swiss banking group Cornèr Bank will start a new partnership. Customers will be able to buy and top up Cornèrcard prepaid cards at 154 Swiss Post branches throughout Switzerland. And from mid-November, the sale of credit cards is planned in 20 Posten branches. In addition, the employees of these subsidiaries will transfer the contact information to Cornèr Bank or Cornèrtrader for customers who are interested in savings solutions or online trading. In August, La Poste entered into a partnership with the insurance company Sympany. Assura is also a partner with the postal service, as are Migros Bank and the SwissCaution organization.

In line with the “Post of tomorrow” strategy communicated in 2020, opening the network to other service providers is one of La Poste’s strategic orientations. It is thus the plan in the current period to stabilize the network of subsidiaries of approx. 800 subsidiaries in own operation. The partners benefit from La Poste’s infrastructure as well as the advice and services of its staff (arranging appointments, changing addresses, etc.) and have the possibility, even in the digital age, to offer their customers physical contact through the network of La Poste’s subsidiaries.

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