Benin: targeted in dismissals, CNHU between assurances and threats

After the tragedy that occurred in its intensive care unit, the National University Hospital Center (CNHU) is the subject of complete condemnations on the web and false publications. The most recent concerns the case of the wife of an aspiring teacher who has allegedly been operated on several times following a medical error. It was the last straw that broke the camel’s back and pulled the hospital authorities off their hinges.

In a press release issued on the evening of Monday, October 17, 2022 by its Communications Unit, CNHU informed that it now wants to strike the table. “In accordance with the provisions of the digital code of the Republic of Benin, measures have now been taken to compel the authors of false publications against the CNHU to bring evidence to support their claims before the competent courts.”we read in the press release.

General management and the medical profession understand that people can misunderstand certain medical specialty practices and this is normal. However, users’ doubts alone should not fuel all kinds of information that are likely to bring shame on CNHU-HKM and tarnish our country’s image despite the government’s efforts to improve the quality of care delivery.

Head of the COM/CNHU-HKM unit

CNHU management “reminds web editors and Facebook activists that any mishandling and dissemination of unverified information may lead to loss of trust and public reluctance towards CNHU-HKM, which nevertheless has the necessary expertise, the best skills and a sufficient technical platform for better patient care ».

Furthermore, the management of CNHU “reassures users of the provisions that have been introduced for quality assurance of patient care”. It invites people to patriotism and restraint. To register and address any concerns, the hospital provides its users with a toll-free number (55014401).

What about the case of the aspiring teacher’s wife?

Regarding the situation, the subject of controversy for a few hours, the CNHU explained that the patient was admitted to its premises for “special circumstances”. “His care occurred in accordance with protocols and the resulting complications are medically planned with appropriate follow-up”assured the management of the hospital.

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