Belgian marksmen set to join NATO’s rapid reaction force in 2023 – À l’Avant-Garde

The artillerymen succeed the Lancers and will be the pilot unit for the Belgian contribution to NATO’s rapid reaction force (photo credit IPR battalion Artillery)

Belgian gunners are set to join NATO’s rapid reaction force in 2023.

The month of October was an intensive period of exercises for the Brasschaat Artillery Battalion, which is about to join the VJTF (Very high readiness Joint Task Force) of the NATO Rapid Reaction Force (NRF) in 2023. From 10 to 15 October the exercise was held first Firestorm which included a false activation of NATO’s rapid reaction force and the start of operational deployment. Helicopter operations were carried out to take position with mortars. It is interesting to note that a family info day was also simulated. This may be due to the initial feedback from the activation of the 1/3 Lancers battalion last February.

The gunners then moved to the Elsenborn camp for the exercise Ordinary Gunner 17-21 October. “The exercise focused on training in a realistic operating environment where orders must be received, processed and executed correctly. They trained not only in contact with the enemy, but also in medical contingencies, logistical problems and learning how to survive with a minimum of equipment., detailed the Defence. A live fire mortar exercise was conducted on 18 October.

From 1 January 2023, 130 men and a howitzer battery from the Artillery Battalion will for the third time form part of a German-led multinational field artillery battalion within the brigade VJTF 23. well over 300 Belgian soldiers, including a CBRN detachment, a CIMIC/PSYOPS team and support elements will be able to be deployed with a short notice of seven days.

All the Belgian units in VJTF23 have already passed their certification exercise (Certex) with the exception of the logistics support units who will pass it in November/December this year.

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