Behind the scenes of Marvel: a lawyer testifies

Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalorespectively interpreter of Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk, do not have the language in their pocket… but can they put themselves in the embarrassment for as much?


Paul Sarcker. Source:

Paul Sarker, a former attorney at Studio Marvel and co-host of the Better Call Paul podcast, offers some avenues of clarification. He revealed in a Reddit post the troubles that actors can expose themselves to if they violate their confidentiality clauses.

Remember that the actors mentioned above have the reputation, according to fans, of inadvertently revealing (spoiler alert!) crisp details about Disney films affiliated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). They are therefore great spoilers.

Lawyer Sarker, who practices today in the firm GreenbergTraurig, explains that an actor who reveals major script details could in theory see his contract broken in addition to being sued for damages.

The attorney acknowledges that it would be difficult to assess Disney’s monetary losses, however, although such a situation would likely be stressful for those involved.

Note that Marvel has never been forced to go that far… not even with Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo.


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